Terms of Service

General warranty and warranty period information

TREKSTOR GmbH (hereinafter “TREKSTOR”) grants a manufacturer’s warranty to the buyer of a TREKSTOR product purchased and used in Germany. This includes common defects caused by the manufacturing process. The warranty period for the product as well as for any TREKSTOR accessories included or purchased additionally is generally 12 months. A warranty of six months applies to rechargeable batteries.It begins on the date of purchase when you buy a new device from the retailer. In the case of a warranty claim, the buyer has the right to have defects rectified.The manufacturer’s warranty excludes the following: Accessories that are consumables or consumable materials, and products that are intended to be rented or loaned commercially to a large number of people.

Product parts that are subject to normal wear and tear and are therefore to be regarded as wear parts are subject to separate warranty periods. This applies, in particular, to disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries and accessories with mechanical wear. A pixel error is not generally considered a defect.

Repairing the product does not start a new warranty period, nor does it extend the warranty period. This also applies to the replaced and repaired parts.

Your rights as a consumer according to applicable national legislation, i.e. the rights of the consumer derived from the purchase agreement vis-à-vis the vendor, shall not be affected by this warranty. This warranty also applies to the applicable warranty and liability provisions in accordance with the general terms and conditions, and does not restrict your rights as a consumer vis-à-vis the vendor, or other statutory rights or mandatory rights according to those listed in the general terms and conditions under national or European law.

Warranty terms and conditions

Please keep the proof of purchase (original receipt or invoice) in a safe place.These documents are regarded as the necessary proof of purchase for your product. If this proof cannot be provided, TREKSTOR reserves the right to refuse a warranty repair.

If a manufacturing defect occurs within two years from the date of purchase of the product, the product will be repaired accordingly by TREKSTOR, provided that the defective device and the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) are presented within the two-year period and TREKSTOR is provided with the device with as detailed a description of the fault (defect and time of occurrence) as possible.

Comment: A detailed fault description enables targeted troubleshooting, which subsequently facilitates and accelerates the handling of the case.

If a common defect caused by the manufacturing process appears, please contact the TREKSTOR service team by phone, email or via the service portal (http://www.trekstor.de/Service-Support.php). If you are sending in the device, please make sure that it is packaged so it is safe to be transported, e.g. by using the original packaging. Shipping damage due to improper packaging is not covered by the warranty. In such a case, TREKSTOR reserves the right to charge an inspection fee of € 35. You will also receive a cost estimate for a chargeable repair.

TREKSTOR is not responsible for any additional materials sent in that are not included in the product’s original package (e.g., memory cards).
Report any damage or defects that may have existed at the time of purchase to your authorised dealer immediately after unpacking. Repairs after the warranty period are subject to a charge.


Scope of warranty

TREKSTOR products are manufactured according to strictly defined quality guidelines and are conscientiously tested before delivery. The warranty applies to common manufacturing defects that can arise as a result of the normal, proper and intended use of the product.

The primary decisive factor for the proper and intended use of the product are all instructions listed in the operating manual, which must be strictly observed. If the product is handed over to a third party, the buyer must also inform this third party of the proper and intended use. Uses and actions which are not recommended or are warned against in the operating manual must be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, the warranty will be void.

If the defect is covered by our warranty, the repaired device will be sent back to you.

If, during the repair, it is found that the defect is not covered by the warranty,TREKSTOR reserves the right to charge the customer for any costs incurred in the form of a handling fee and for the chargeable repair on a materials and labour basis, according to a cost estimate.In the event of a repair that is subject to a charge and is approved and ordered by the customer after a cost estimate has been prepared, the handling fee will be charged.

Attention! A cost estimate will be drawn up after an initial inspection of the device and on the basis of the information you provide and can therefore only serve as a guide. The actual repair costs may exceed the costs estimated in the cost estimate.

In the event of a repair that is subject to a charge, you as a customer will be informed in advance. It is up to you to agree or decline the chargeable repair as described in the cost estimate.


Special warranty terms and conditions for tablet PCs, mobile phones and devices with a memory function

Any software that may be supplied is subject to a limited warranty. This applies, in particular, to a pre-installed operating system, but also to any programmes that may be included. For a period of 90 days after purchase, TREKSTOR guarantees here that the data carrier on which the software is supplied is free from manufacturing defects. If there is a defect in the data carrier, the defective data carrier will be replaced by TREKSTOR free of charge. Any further claims are excluded.

If you did not purchase the device from an authorised TREKSTOR retailer, but possibly from a second-hand goods or returns retailer, we will charge a verification and shipping fee of EUR 29.75, including VAT, per transaction and device. Following the inspection on receipt by the TREKSTOR Service department, you will receive an invoice, which must be paid in advance. Your device can only be repaired and returned after payment has been received. Please make sure and confirm below that you purchased your device from an authorised TREKSTOR retailer. If you did not purchase your device from an authorised TREKSTOR retailer, please contact your retailer directly.

A guarantee and warranty claim is not valid in the following cases:

  • If the product has been damaged by external influences such as accidents, force majeure or causes beyond the control of TREKSTOR (e.g. lightning, water, fire, inadequate ventilation).
  • Damage, use of force, improper and/or unintended use and handling (e.g. use of liquids and/or chemicals of any kind) by the consumer or third parties.
  • If modifications made independently to the product, such as alterations and extensions, use of third party parts, use of accessories not approved for your product, or neglect (e.g. deep discharge, exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture or humidity), have caused the damage.
    Note: This does not affect intended memory extensions e.g. by adding memory cards and modules.
  • Damage caused by viruses or software errors, improper transport or packaging.
  • In the event of loss when sending in the product.
  • If the defect in the product was caused by improper maintenance or repair carried out by someone other than TREKSTOR or a service partner authorised, but not commissioned by TREKSTOR.
  • If seals or stickers (e.g. on the battery housing or on the battery cells) have been broken or obviously tampered with.
  • If the model, serial/IMEI number or product number of the product or a component of the product has been changed or made unrecognisable.
  • If the battery has been charged with chargers not approved by TREKSTOR, if the battery has been damaged by overcharging, or if the specific instructions in the battery handling manual have not been followed.



TREKSTOR is not liable for the loss of SIM or memory cards or for the loss of memory data, neither within nor outside the warranty and guarantee period.

When repairing the product, it may be necessary to delete all data from the device. Therefore, before shipping the device, make sure that you have a backup copy of all data on the device.

We expressly point out that, in the event of a repair, the factory condition will be restored.

TREKSTOR is not liable for any costs for software configuration, lost revenue, loss of data or software, or other consequential damages.

Data that is subject to data protection or should not be disclosed to the outside world must be deleted from the product before sending it in.

The warranty excludes financial losses, downtime, lost profits and similar and in no way includes rental or hire equipment, travel costs or similar. It remains limited to the purchase or current value of the product.

We would like to point out that incorrect information (incorrect purchase date, incorrect description of the fault, e.g. in the case of personal negligence) can lead to consequential costs (repair costs, return transport costs, scrapping costs, etc.).


Service hotline information


Please have the receipt or invoice, the serial number and the model name of your product ready for all enquiries regarding your warranty claim.

TREKSTOR reserves the right to continuously develop the product. These changes can be made without a direct description in the operating manual. Information in the operating manual does not necessarily reflect the state of technical implementation.

Unauthorised modifications to the device (in particular, the installation of third-party firmware not approved by the manufacturer or modifications to the device’s hardware) can result in a loss of the guarantee and warranty claim.