M.2 SSD MODULE, 256 GB, B&M Key

Product Overview

Cleverly increase your storage capacity
The M.2 SSD Module allows you to extend the memory capacity of your PC, providing more storage space for images, videos and games. The module also improves the general performance of the device as the operating system starts more quickly and programs load faster. TREKSTOR offers SSDs with form factor M.2 2242, version B & M Key and a memory capacity of 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB – giving you free rein to equip your computer as you see fit.

Easily inserted
The M.2 SSD Module is inserted into the PC via an integrated SSD slot, something which can be done by users themselves with little difficulty. This makes extending the storage capacity of the device via SSD particularly easy. You can find more information about installing the SSD and compatible TREKSTOR devices at: www.trekstor.de/m2ssd-guide


Technical details


Storage capacity 256 GB
Key B & M
Form factor M.2 2242
Interface SATA 6G
Reading speed 450 MB/s
Writing speed 350 MB/s

Other characteristics

Package contents TREKSTOR M.2 SSD MODULE, screwdriver, quick guide


File type: PDF-file
Language: English

Quick Guide

Geeignet für: M.2 SSD MODULE
Version: V2-40
Date: 2019-01-25
File type: PDF
Language: Deutsch, English


How can I get my M.2 SSD MODULE up an running?  

After inserting the M.2 SSD MODULE, the SSD needs to be initiated.

Start your computer.

The M.2 SSD MODULE needs to be initiated manually. To do so, please right click the Windows icon
in the bottom left corner of your screen and select the "Disk management" option. In there you will
find a volume called e.g. "Disk 0" with the note "Unallocated" (marked black).

NOTICE: Be careful NOT to select the system disk (marked blue).



Right-click the SSD, select "New Simple Volume" and follow all the steps prompted. The drive
specifications can be accepted. Once done, the SSD will be available as drive under Windows.

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